StackAThon Challenges

Hello Again! This September (the 8th, to be precise) sees the arrival of StackAThon 2.0! It will be held over on @climbingbooks on twitter (that's me) and will start at 12 midnight GMT+1 (for your timezone, click here). It ends at 11.59pm. Unlike last time, I'm introducing challenges! They will be as follows: Read a... Continue Reading →

ReadAThon Announcement!

Hi everyone! Last month I held the first ever 24hr StackAThon over on twitter! I thought I'd bring it over here for you all to enjoy. The idea of Stackathon is, you guessed it, to read a STACK of books. Ingenius, I know. Any way, challenges may be applied to some of the readathons, but... Continue Reading →

August 2018 Wrap-Up

Hello again! This month has been quite a roller coaster, what with exam results and travelling and all. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to fit in 6 books! Here they are: Is It Just Me by Miranda Hart This was a great start to the month! I don't read much in Biography, but I'm glad I... Continue Reading →

My Reading Habits

Hi again! Low on ideas, I scoured the internet and found a tag. I saw this on bookishandbright's page - go check it out! It's called the Reading Habits tag, but I don't know who started it :/ 1. Do you have a certain place for reading? I can read almost anywhere, but I tend... Continue Reading →

On Reading With Commitments

We all have those days when we just NEED to read, right? So we go to pick up a book and all of a sudden a mass of unfinished to-dos floats to the top of our brains. Maybe we've got 50 essays to finish by tomorrow, or a friend's birthday to plan for. Whatever it... Continue Reading →

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